Sunday, May 12, 2013

Stars Who Made Bank From Their Sex Tapes

Farrah Abraham
The young mom who starred on "16 and Pregnant" and then "Teen Moms" has apparently been idolizing the reality stars who have come before her a bit too much. She recently admitted that she filmed a sex tape with porn star James Deen. Now she says it won't see the light of day for anything under $2 million.

Kim Kardashian
Kim reportedly settled with Vivid Entertainment for $5 million over the release of her sex tape with then-boyfriend Ray J. But that was just the beginning. She took that notoriety and became one of the world's most famous -- and rich -- reality stars.

Dustin Diamond

In 2006, in an attempt to revive his career, Dustin directed and released his own sex tape "Screeched – Saved by the Smell."  Somehow he made a few bucks.

Paris Hilton 
Paris' sex tape, "1 Night in Paris," is one of the most famous ones on this list. She filmed the  infamous romp with Rick Solomon using night vision to catch the action. The tape catapulted her from party girl obscurity into reality show superstardom.

Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett 
Kendra shot her sex tape just a few months before her introduction to Hugh Hefner at a Playboy Mansion party. The rest is sex tape history.

Pamela Anderson 
The model-turned-actress was already a bonafide star when her honeymoon with Tommy Lee, which featured tons of exploits hit the Internet in 1998. She apparently didn't mind the extra attention and intentionally released another sex tape with Bret Michaels in 2005.

Fred Durst
Fred's filmed romp was reportedly stolen from him and unintentionally released, but Fred benefited when he sued whoever published it for $70 million.

Tonya Harding 
Tonya and her then husband, Jeff Stone, also had a sex tape that was leaked online so they decided to legitimately release it so that they could make some cash.

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